C++ library for proteins

Steven Brenner seb1005 at mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk
Tue Nov 16 09:53:54 EST 1993

>In article <CGJIv9.H1v at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at>, floeckn at wst.edvz.sbg.ac.at (Floeckner Hannes) writes:
>|> Now we change our programming language from
>|> c to c++. Some months ago I found a C++-Class Library specially
>|> created for proteins and I think also for handling Brookhaven files.

There are two publicly available C++ class libraries for Protein
Structure that I know of.  One is developed by Phil Bourne &
colleagues at Columbia.  Phil Bourne's address is
system at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu.

I have developed a somewhat more flexible library for protein
structure, but it is slightly less complete at present.

This library is currently available on mbfs.bio.cam.ac.uk, in the
directory seb.  Two versions are available: SEBPDB.0.03.tar.gz builds
under g++ and cfront 3.0.1, while SEBPDB.0.06.tar.gz includes
signficant additional functionality (such as smart pointers), but
builds only under cfront 3.0.1 (due to errors in g++'s template

Full source code is provided for both versions of the library, and it
is under active development to provide more low-level features, to
make it compatible with Keith Robison's molbio++, and to work with
NCBI's ASN.1 specifications.

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