CHIWRITE<->TEX converter wanted..

Daniel Say say at monashee.sfu.ca
Sat Nov 13 13:29:00 EST 1993


>Dear Netters,

>Is there some CHIWRITE<->TEX or WORD*<->TEX files converter available?
>Any version (VMS,UNIX,MS DOS) wanted.


>Does some CHIWRITE(or WORD*)-analogous variant of TEX for MS DOS exist?
>I need to prepare TEX (only..) files in some on-screen editor wich is
>WYSWYG. To quit and run one-two additional programs to see
>what I get seems to be slightly stupid after PC packages
>like CHIWRITE,WORD* and others..

Of course, there is.
	Horstmann Software
	10 South Third St., Suite #350
	P.O. Box 1807 
	San Jose, Dalif

internet:  support at horstmann.com

has a TEX translator for Chiwriter for only us$74.95
(There is a deal until 1993.Dec.21 of us$189.95 for Chiwriter itself)
Chiwriter is up to version 4.20b now.

The converter produces output in : Plain TEX, AMS-TEX or LATEX.

There have also connected the PaPYrus Bibliographic Managment
program with chiwriter output.
They produce POSTNET barcode for the US post office letters.
A special version of Chiwriter 3 has been made for the HP 100LX
palmtop two pount computer.
There is a WordPerfect converter, Russian font set, Eastern European
font set, Chemistry, Electric, Professional fonts sets.
Medical, Biology, Chemistry, BioChem and Science dictionaries are
also available.

Mention my name when ordering [Daniel SAY]

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