CHIWRITE<->TEX converter wanted..

Hershel Safer hersh at bullwinkle.cric.com
Thu Nov 11 08:39:04 EST 1993

>Does some CHIWRITE(or WORD*)-analogous variant of TEX for MS DOS exist?
>I need to prepare TEX (only..) files in some on-screen editor wich is
>WYSWYG. To quit and run one-two additional programs to see
>what I get seems to be slightly stupid after PC packages
>like CHIWRITE,WORD* and others..

While WYSISWYG packages that have some of the power of TEX do exist
(FrameMaker, for example; ask on comp.text.tex for more info), the WYSIWYG
paradigm as implemented in packages such as WORD* is very different from
the writing paradigm used in TEX.  TEX facilitates the process of document
design, as opposed to individual word design in WORD* and the like.

If you want to stay with your old style of document preparation, then using
TEX might indeed be "slightly stupid"; but if you want to prepare documents
with coherent styles, then that description would have to be applied to
using WORD* rather than TEX.

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