GopherApp++ network client for Mac is updated

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Nov 9 17:53:59 EST 1993

GopherApp is an Internet information service program for Macintosh 
computers.  It provides a Finder-like link to the range of Internet 
Gopher services.  

This release is a stable version 2 that includes fuller support for 
Gopher+ ASK forms than other current gopher+ clients, and support for 
multiple view formats. It includes multithreaded operations, for 
handling several network connections at once.  Network interface code 
has been optimized for both speedy use, and good operation on slow 
dialup links. 

To use GopherApp, your Mac must have a network connection to the 
Internet, and it must have MacTCP installed.  You may obtain GopherApp 
thru anonymous ftp to ftp.bio.indiana.edu, in folder /util/gopher 
/gopherapp, as gopherapp++.hqx.  You may also obtain updates using 
Gopher to this same IUBio archive (ftp.bio.indiana.edu).  Look for a 
folder called "IUBio Software+Data/GopherApp".

Comments, bug reports and suggestions for new features may be addressed 
via e-mail to  	     Software at Bio.Indiana.Edu


9 Nov 93, v 2.1b117  Stable beta release, still has known bugs but 
usable.  Built on the pointer-based MacApp v 3.1a.  A lot of bugs from 
the v 2.0b release have been chased out.  User-interface changes 
+ view links by size, date, name, host, ...
+ "New gopher hole" is simplified way to connect to new gopher
+ "Find home of link" for Veronica users & other cases to locate root 
server for any given gopher link
+ Matching gopher data to Mac applications has been cleaned up w/ Choose 
Application button in New & Edit gopher links
+ Mapping of Gopher+ types to Mac types (in Prefs) changed & simplified.
+ Network preference "Use quickest gopher+ method" is for dialup 
internet or other slow network links.  Cuts amount of data fetched with 
each directory.
+ added support for moo-V and Note gopher types
Non-interface changes
+ TCP code extensively revised
+ multithreading processes cleaned up

- - - - - - some what old news for biologists - - - - - -

Gopher+ now does gene sequence search and analysis

I'm pleased to announce new biocomputing services at IUBio Gopher hole,
and a new GopherApp release for Macintosh computers.  Gopher+ users can 
now use biosequence search services thru IUBio Gopher, with the same 
ease that has made the original Internet Gopher such a success.  

Gopher+ will eventually be able to provide easy-to-use, widely 
accessible user interfaces to many biocomputing analysis services.  The 
example at IUBio now provides a few such links to NCBI's BLAST search 
and Fred Hutchinson Center's BLOCKS search as a proof of this concept.

Here is gopher link information to these examples
Name=Gopher+ Test at IUBio

This folder currently contains:
  Gopher+ Mol. Biology services/
	-- gopher+ dialogs for entering your sequence data and related
	options to use search services at NCBI, FHCRC, EMBL, CBRG's Darwin
       server.  Others will be added as time permits.
	-- client programs for Mac (GopherApp++, TurboGopher), MS Win
	(HGopher), and Unix.  NOTE: the Unix version is NOT adequate
	for the Mol. Biology services.
	-- some examples and documents from the U.Minn. gopher team
   and som others.

GopherApp is currently the best client for using these new Gopher+
services at IUBio.

-- d.gilbert--biocomputing--indiana u--bloomington--gilbertd at bio.indiana.edu

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