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Vinz-san vinz at PCLSP2.KUICR.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Tue Nov 9 00:25:51 EST 1993

It' s my pleasure to forward to you a news that I believe can be of some
interest to bio-soft netters and that I received on an other network:

To: sdsk at kaba.or.jp
Subject: STOOOOOP :-)
Status: R

Hi netters,

Before you all go spending your precious money to buy the marvelous
book on Internet, let me annouce an even more woooonderful book : It's
FREE, you only have to print it yourself !

220 pages about Internet, here is an extract of the Table of Contents:

Setting up, Getting connected, Jacking in
Electronic Mail
Usenet : The Global Watering Hole
Usenet: from Flame Wars to KillFiles
Mailing List and Bitnet
Gophers, WAIS
Advanced Email
News of the World
IRC,MUDs ...
Education on the Net
"Conclusion : The End" by Adam Caffin
"A Slice of Life in my Virtual Community" by H. Rheingild
"A statement of principle" by B. Sterling
"A Perspective on NREN" by G. Chatrand

How to get it ?
Invoque the magic "ftp" at host  ftp.germany.eu.net  in directory

You didn't understand a word in the previous sentence ? Well, it's
time for you to read this book ... Or ask it to me, i will send it by

How to print it ?
Once you've retrieved bdgtti-1.xx.ps (xx is the version number) print
it on your favorite PostScript Printer.
lpr bdgtti-1.xx.ps

Have Fun

-See ya,

Bye Vincenzo Nardi-Dei

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