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>Subject: Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 8 (final one, maybe) available
>Date: 7 Nov 93 21:33:04
>Organization: Nat'l Center for Supercomputing Applications
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Anyone who likes trying possibly unstable software and doesn't already
get the prerelease notices via www-talk[-request]@info.cern.ch may
want give prerelease 8 a try -- if no major bugs are reported, this
will magically mutate into the real 2.0 in a day or two.

Thanks much in advance for any feedback,

From: marca at ncsa.uiuc.edu (Marc Andreessen)
To: www-talk at nxoc01.cern.ch
Cc: mosaicdev at ncsa.uiuc.edu, virginia at ncsa.uiuc.edu, kchang at ncsa.uiuc.edu,
        likkai at ncsa.uiuc.edu
Subject: NCSA Mosaic for X 2.0 prerelease 8 available
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 93 21:14:34 -0800

Ladies and gentlemen, next to last in the long series of moments we've
all been waiting for...

...ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu in /Mosaic/prerelease.  Source, plus binaries for
Sun, IBM, SGI.

This prerelease should be the final step on the road to 2.0.  With
luck, the real 2.0 release will be in a day or two.  Please stress the
prerelease out and report any serious problems to us ASAP.

There are no known crash conditions, other than a few obscure
system-related problems (e.g. crash in XtKeysymToKeycodeList) that we
can't find ways to work around.  If this prerelease crashes on you for
any reason, please report the crash with a full dbx stack traceback.

As before, thanks MUCH to all the prerelease testers who have sent in
feedback and bug reports -- your help is making 2.0 into a vastly
better product than it could otherwise be.

If you make this prerelease available to normal users, please make
sure they understand that it is not a full, stable release and that it
may have a few problems and instabilities.

Changes and additions in this prerelease include:

 o Renamed executable 'Mosaic' and application class name 'Mosaic'. User
   X resources and system app defaults files should be updated as necessary. 
 o Implemented FORM METHOD="POST" with optional 
 o Implemented TEXTAREA as described in the current (11/2) HTML+ spec. 
 o Fixed bugs with image caching (particularly with very small image cache
   sizes) and multiple open windows. 
 o Scrolled lists with nothing selected now return nothing. 
 o Fixed coredump opportunity in GUI part of authentication code (Marc's
   fault, not Ari's). 
 o Fixed glitch with spinning icon and deferred image loading. 
 o Quotes (") in OPTIONs now work. 
 o Radio buttons no longer allowed to be "none of many" (document writers
   should make one of the buttons checked by default -- if you think you
   want to allow "none of many" behavior, just throw in a "none of the
   above" radio button). 
 o Image input elements whose images are deferred no longer have a
   hyperlink available in the deferred image icon. 
 o Fixed glitch with exploding Gopher/FTP icons in some cases. 
 o Force allowShellResize to false on Mosaic shell windows to avoid some
   stupid window manager bugs. 
 o "I have noticed that Mosaic 2.0pre6 does not properly scroll horizontally
   when a preformatted <PRE> declared document is wider than the
   window." Also gopher://gopher.ora.com/00/ordering/online.ordering.
 o Fixed coredump opportunity when temporary directory (TMPDIR) is
 o Fixed coredump opportunities when interrupting NNTP connects and
   reads and when including inlined images in news articles (yikes). 
 o Fixed bad PostScript output of documents with titles with embedded
 o Fixed problems in PostScript code on DEC Alphas (hopefully). 
 o Fixed another coredump opportunity in GIF reading code. 
 o Fixed glitch in simplying URLs like 'http://blargh.blah.:8001/'. 
 o Password entry fields in forms now obey the MAXLENGTH attribute. 
 o Changed default DEC Ultrix and Alpha audio player to "aplay" (c.f.
 o Tried to make handling of HTTP network writes more elegant, in case
   some HTTP0 server really confuses things. 
 o Additional performance optimizations in HTML widget. 
 o New colorful spinning globe icon. 
 o Final interface tweaks, according to the advice of our user interface and
   visual design expert. 
 o Fixed compilation glitches on a couple different platforms. 
 o A few miscellaneous minor cleanups. 

Comments and feedback much appreciated -- however, remember: THIS IS


Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
marca at ncsa.uiuc.edu (MIME welcomed here)
Marc Andreessen
Software Development Group
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
marca at ncsa.uiuc.edu (MIME welcomed here)

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