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Shaharin Shaharin
Sun Nov 7 20:07:19 EST 1993

In article <alang.4.0 at op1.up.ac.za> alang at op1.up.ac.za (Alan Guthrie) writes:

>We use Asyst 4.01 from Asyst Software Technologies (now Keithley 
>Instruments) for data capture and analysis in our laboratory.  A number of 
>other people are using Asyst locally and we are in the process of setting 
>up an Asyst Users Group.  I have been asked to try to make contact with 
>other Asyst users and/or Asyst Users Groups.  Please could anyone with 
>information that could help me in this regard reply to this message.

We use have been using Asyst extensively in our Department for the very same 
reasons, having started with version 2!  As I understand it, we do have a 
user's group on campus, but I have never attended meetings.  It's great, and I 
even run it through windows (slowly) so that I can grab the odd screen plot or 

Our applications, at present, are for gait analysis, electromagnetic field 
characterisations, and vibration analysis.

Why not set up an informal Global Asyst user's group, or even a newsgroup?

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