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>>Can anyone tell me where I can get hold of Trumpet and Winsoc?  I also
>>need some info on winsoc, as I am totally unfamiliar with it.
>>Thanks in advance,

>Try anonymous ftp to biochemistry.cwru.edu

>You might also try the shareware QVTNET as a TCP/IP, mail, newsreader, and FTP 
>program.  It is available in the same place.


I have just installed Trumpet and Winsock and all the other super software that
needs Winsock (including Winmosaic).  I cannot tell you how much I like 
Trumpet, in fact, I am writing this using Trumpet at this very minute.  

Anyway, here is a brief tutorial on Winsock, etc, hopefully it will save 
somebody a little time:

Winsock is a set of routines that link dynamically to various programs 
that can use Winsock.  Trumpet Winsock is one of a number of 
Winsocks, however, I believe it is the only one that is a shareware version, 
and it is certainly the one that is most widely used among the people I know...

NOTE 1:  If you are using FTP Software Inc, PC/TCP, you need FTP Software's
version of Winsock...this is downloadable from many anonymous FTP sites.

The good news:  Your  program will detect your Winsock, and auto-magically 
run ... IF YOU SET UP THE WINSOCK PROPERLY ... although, of course
various programs such as Trumpet and WinQVT need to know various parameters
about your network, so you will need to READ THE DOCUMENTATION that comes
with each of these programs before you install them.

You should know that the following "layers" are required:

         [ Program that uses Winsock:                                        
         [ runs under Win 3.1 - example Trumpet News Reader 

         "on top of"
         [ Winsock 

         " on top of "
         [ a program that creates "virtual" packet drivers for Winsock
         [ that lets you multitask your Winsock applications               
         [   example:  winpkt.com or pktmux                                  

         "on top of"
         [ a Crynwyr packet driver (used to be called Clarkson drivers).

The purpose of the packet driver is to talk to your ethernet card and
direct any packets that arrive at your computer addressed to it, to
the program that they should go to. 

Note 2:  Each packet driver is written SPECIFICALLY for each
Ethernet card.  You must have the packet driver that is written
for that card that is in your computer.  In fact, if you are 
connected to the network, you probably already have the
one that you need! Look in your network.bat or autoexec.bat
file (hopefully you will have such a thing) for more information.
With luck, you will be able to match up the name of your
packet driver with one of the Crynwyr drivers...if not follow the
documentation that comes with the Crynwyr drivers in order
to install it.
Run the packet driver, THEN run the virtual packet driver
addressing program.  I THINK that the only card that is known
not to work with winpkt.com, is the BICC 16 bit card (4110 - 2/3)
Guess which card is in MY computer ??? :-) if you have this
card then you need to run pktmux then pktdrv.  See the pktmux
documentation for more details...

winpkt.com is called like this:   winpkt 0x[vv] 0x[nn]

     where [vv] is the address that you choose to put 
                       the virtual packet driver at.
                [nn] is the actual address that the packet
                       driver is located at.

The 0x part says that it is in HEX - I think that most packet
driver addresses are already in hex - but check the Crynwyr
documentation for your packet driver.

Now you are ready to start your trumpet winsock.  I assume
you have unzipped it and put it in whatever directory, plus
made an icon for it in Windows.  Before you start Windows
make sure that you have the following information:

the ip address of your computer
the ip address of your default gateway
the ip address of your nameserver, timeserver
your domain name

I got all this information out of my existing setup...you may 
need some help with this from the network administration-
type people.

Click on the Trumpet Winsock icon and fill in the network 
setup information. THE ADDRESS THAT YOU GIVE,
WINPKT.COM to use.

Now, restart Trumpet winsock and use some of the programs
that come with it to see if it is working...try using PING and
ping at the ip address of a computer near you, your nameserver,
etc.  Then try to ping on a name...if all goes well, you are 
ready to start installing the rest of your software that uses

If you see an ARP Timeout error in the debug screen, it may
mean you have the same kind of ethernet card that I have and
you will have to use pktmux and pktdrv instead of winpkt.com

Make sure that the winpkt.com that you get is up to date!  Get
the latest version that you can find.
Happy winsocking !!!!
-- Dorothy Lowry

PS:  you WILL need to read the documentation...           

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