Software manipulation of ABI 373a traces

Howard Cash cash at geneva.csmil.umich.edu
Fri Nov 5 12:05:47 EST 1993


I tried to email you directly, but could not reach your host.

Several programs allow you to work with ABI trace files.  The ones that come
to mind are

SeqEd (Macintosh, Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA)
Inherit (Sun SPARC with Macintosh front end [Mac stand-alone version is in
         the works], also Applied Biosystems)
SeqMan/LaserGene (Macintosh and, I think, PC versions, DNAStar, Madison, WI)
Sequencher (Macintosh, Gene Codes Corp., Ann Arbor, MI)
Generation (Sun SPARC, IntelliGenetics/Betagen, Inc., Mountain View, CA)
XDAP and its revisions (SUN workstations, by Roger Staden, MRC, England)

I am biased, so my opinion must be suspect, but there has been discussion
of these programs in this newsgroup and in the recent literature.  I have
phone numbers for most, if not all of the companies, so drop me a note if
you want more information.

Good luck,

Hobie Cash
cash at csmil.umich.edu

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