Mac-to-PC Integration

Vernon Keenan vern at BioData.COM
Wed Nov 3 13:23:29 EST 1993

In article <1993Nov2.192140.13539 at brc.ubc.ca> Allen Delaney,
allen at sparc.brc.ubc.ca writes:
>If what Bill Gates is saying about Windows/NT is true, then replacing
>DOS with NT might be the way to go. Microsoft claims transparent
>networking to Macs, UNIX, OS/2, DOS, Netware ......
>I'd be interested if anyone has had any experience doing this.

The way I understand NT, you need an NT Advanced Server to get all this
integration. Based on what I've heard about the performance pentalty of
running DOS and Windows apps on NT Client (as poor as 50% compared to
Win3.1), I'm not terribly excited about NT for now. 

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