Mac-to-PC Integration

Vernon Keenan vern at BioData.COM
Wed Nov 3 13:26:14 EST 1993

In article <netnewsCFFqz0.5r6 at netcom.com> Vernon Keenan, vern at BioData.COM
>However, the memory requirements of PhoneNET Talk are great...over 100Kb
>of the precious 640Kb DOS low memory. Depending on your hardware's memory
>configuration and BIOS, you can reduce the memory overhead, but you can't
>count on more than 500Kb for DOS applications. This causes problems with
>many data acquisition programs.

I've been informed by a colleague that PhoneNET Talk PC will run in as
little as 40Kb RAM when using DOS 6.0 and MemMaker. That should give you
about 580Kb RAM for applications, which should be OK for a lot of people.

If you have a Mac-centric network, and you need to get PCs transfering
data, then I would take a look at Farallon's PhoneNET PC product.


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