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Joseph Lipsick HF.JSL at forsythe.stanford.edu
Wed Nov 3 02:39:29 EST 1993

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>Hello ALL!
>I would like some information on PC based software that is available for
> searching the Genbank database on CD-ROM. We have been using the IBI
>Pustel program but it apparently is not compatible with the Genbank data
>on CD-ROM. The commercial software we have found so far has been
>prohibitively expensive. Any suggestions would be greately appreciated.
>==Peter Foiles, PhD==

I would recommend that you use the NCBI resources.  There is a

great CD-ROM Genbank/Medline suite called ENTREZ that is available
for the price of the plastic alone.  Updates are available quarterly
I think.  For that up-to-the-minute search, the Genbank resource can
be searched by e-mail using BLAST and interesting sequences can be
retrieved using RETRIEVE.  Both of these are free.  For information
on BLAST and RETRIEVE, send a "help" message to:
BLAST at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov or RETRIEVE at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

There is also a great local homology program for protein sequences
called MACAW that is also available from NCBI by FTP.  I strongly
urge people to use these valuable resources and acknowledge them
properly.  A number of years ago there was a useful BIONET resource
that was discontinued by the NIH and not enough people complained.

Use it or lose it...

Joe Lipsick

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