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In <1993Oct30.184049.4664 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk> risler%FRCGM51.earn at uk.ac.earn-relay writes:

> ...
> Well, finally it worked. The .REF and .SEQ files seem to be OK.

Thanks for the hint!

> Now, if I run PIRTOGCG or DBINDEX, I get the following message for *ALL* the
> sequences:
> * no accession number for sequence XXXX *
> Anyway the programs go on, I get the usual .NAMES, .OFFSET, etc...files
> whose size seem reasonable.
> *BUT* I can't FETCH any sequence. If I try to fetch CCHU from PIR1, for
> example, I get  * no files in PIR1:CCHU *  .....
> NOTE 1: I am lazy and I always wait for a certain time before installing the
> minor releases, waiting for other people to find the new bugs ... :-)
> Hence I'm still under GCG #7.0  Is this the reason?
> NOTE 2: The files are NOT in CODATA format. They just look like the good
> old PIR files. However, the accession number is hidden in a line such as:
> c;Accession: xxxxxx

Our .REF-files look like yours and we have no trouble reindexing them. Perhaps
why we have GCG V7.3?


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