Requests for molbio freeware

Bryan Crawford bcrawfor at sol.UVic.CA
Wed Mar 31 20:02:33 EST 1993

In <1orvruINN2ntr at rs1.rrz.Uni-Koeln.DE> khofmann at biomed.biolan.uni-koeln.de writes:

>In article <1993Mar24.214624.7972 at gserv1.dl.ac.uk>, r.nakisa at ic.ac.uk writes:
>>Dear Netters,

>stuff deleted

>>Incidentally, I have a cunning plan:
>>Why don't we just sort out what molbio programs we want and write them? 
>>There must _surely_ be enough molecular biologists who can program to
>>cobble a standard package of molbio tools together. Obviously _one_
>>person couldn't write everything, but we could turf out bits of the
>>wish-list to many people.  We'd have to decide what platforms to write
>>for, and work out a consistent user interface which is user-friendly and
>>portable.  And what better place to do that than bionet.software?  I

>I strongly second that idea

Me too!!  And in order to excuse my waste of bandwidth, I will hereby 
volunteer to help in any way I can.  However, I'm not much of a programmer :-(

I think this could be a spectacular example of exactly why the internet
is worthwhile, and why the government(s) must continue to support it.


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