free 386/486 Unix

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Wed Mar 31 18:19:37 EST 1993

K11111I at BITNET.ALIJKU11 wrote:
: Try Linux!
: It is free, stable, comes with source,..... Posix Standard!
:         read comp.os.linux!!!!!!!!!

I'm using the 'SLS' version of Linux and it is very good!

If you want to use X you need a supported video card or you will be stuck
with 640x480x2  (monochrome VGA).  I use a cheap ET4000 card and it will
do 1024x768x256 but is difficult to read on my cheap monitor.  It is fast
and legible at 800x600x256 though :-)

My system is a 20MHz 386SX with 4Mb Ram and 100Mb IDE disk - cheap and
cheerful, but it *does* the job ok for me.

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