Sorting Fasta scores

Lori Romberg romberg%molly at SDSC.EDU
Mon Mar 29 18:33:08 EST 1993

Hello to all!

I am using Fasta to run DNA as well as protein searches against a database 
of sequences. By default, the sequences are sorted and outputed by their initn
scores. There is a command line option to sort by the init1 scores, but I can't
find an option to sort by the optimized scores which is what I need to do for
my purposes.

Does anyone know of an easy way to do sort by the optimized scores without 
actually going into the source code? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Lori Romberg
Asst. Computer Specialist
The Salk Institute, Molecular Genetics Lab

email: romberg at molly.sdsc.edu
voice: (619)453-4100 ext. 451

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