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Robert Rej bobrej at albnyvms.bitnet
Mon Mar 29 12:37:39 EST 1993

Hello Bionet News Readers:

I am in the process of reviewing a book that is, more-or-less, a
catalog of software for chemists.  It lists basic functions and
suitable platforms, vendors (or academic authors), and good contact
information including fax and e-mail.  At first blush this appears a
useful resource, however, with the rapid turnover of software
encountered it seems that this information would best be published in
electronic format.  I am unaware of such a source, so if any readers
know of such a well out on the net please respond by e-mail
<bobrej at uacsc1.albany.edu>.  The group bionet.software.sources has the
right name but I have not noticed much activity there.

I am new to this list, as well as Usenet News in general, so apologies
in advance if this is not an appropriate request here.  If it is and
there is sufficient interest I will post results.  Thanks in advance.

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