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Michael Holloway ca566 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Sun Mar 28 14:31:02 EST 1993

In a previous article, web!ingen.cu!scorpio.cu!carmas at NET.BIO.NET (Carlos I. Armas) says:

>ok, I apologize. Maybe I didn't say the proper words:
>when I have stacker installed on a pc, and try to install PC NFS 2.0,
>(I mean, the PC DOS package to access the TCP/IP networks and NFS
>services installed on it )
>then there is a exception at boot time (since pcnfs.sys and sockdrv.sys
>must be loaded when the pc boots), the exception gives: "divide overflow"
>and nothing to do from here. as long as I uninstall those drivers, no
>problem. the only way we found after a lot of tests was !uninstalling
>stacker! :-)

Can't tell for sure from the discription if my suggestion will be germane
but every problem I've ever seen with Stacker resulted from the disk name
switch that is installed in config.sys.  If you're swapping the drive names
try getting rid of the swap.  I work all the time with a disk called D: and
I'm quite happy with it.  Even if that isn't the problem, do it any :-)


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