Software to manage fingerprint data

Bruce Golden bgolden at ops.agsci.colostate.edu
Fri Mar 26 17:01:10 EST 1993

We are beginning a project that will require us to manage alot of DNA 
"fingerprint" data.  The project involves identifying the sires of calves
whos dams were bred in pastures where multiple sires were available.
We are going to work with about 2,000 head at first and will probably
be up to 10,000 animals in a few years.  We will be using the ABI 
sequencer to generate the "fingerprints".  ABI is planning on releasing
some SW for this type of data management but does not have it available yet.
The "fingerprinting" system will probably be the one developed by GenMark
for beef cattle.

What are the other options commercial or otherwise?

Our specifications are it must manage the type of data from the ABI equipment.
It must be able to perform the candidate parent identification from the data
base of all possible parents.  Preferably it would work in a UNIX 
environment (SVR4 over SUNOS).  

Thanx in advance for any help!


Snail mail:	Dr. Bruce Golden, Dept Animal Sci, CSU, Ft Collins, CO 80523

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