Follow-up Post on Unix Bibliography Software

Wed Mar 24 09:39:44 EST 1993


	Below are follow-up posts to the discussion generated on unix 
bibliography software.  Through a connection at the University of California 
I managed to locate the source of BibIX and I received a reply from an 
ardent BibTeX user on the merits of this software other than its price ($0), 
which contains several good tips and sources.  These are enclosed for your 

				hope this is of some use
				Norman Eberhardt
				eberhardt at mayo.edu

1.  Re: BibIX

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>Date: Tue, 16 Mar 93 12:31:32 PST
>From: Tom Ferrin <tef at cgl.ucsf.EDU>
>There is a good package called "BibIX" available from UC.  It was
>developed by some pople at UCSF, but is distributed through UC's
>Office of Technology.  For more information contact:
>>	Office of Technology Licensing
>	2150 Shattuck Ave., Suite 510
>	Berkeley, CA  94704-1318
>	Phone: 415-643-7201
>	FAX: 415-642-4566
>	Email: domino at violet.berkeley.edu

>2.  Re: BibTeX

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>Subject: Re: PAPYRUS for unix?
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>The comment in your summary of responses about Unix bibliographic
>packages that said BibTeX isn't good for various journal formats
>is the mistaken impression of someone who doesn't use BibTeX.  The
>package is FREE, which means do-it-yourself or find-a-friend.  There
>now exist BibTeX "style sheets" for all the major physics and CS
>journals, plus Science, Nature, PNAS, etc. and Tom Schneider in
>bionet.info-theory has worked out several for the major molecular
>biology journals, and John Reinitz mentioned in bionet.general
>just days ago that he's got style sheets for several more.  There
>are several large anonymous ftp archives devoted entirely to TeX-
>related stuff, including style sheets and AWK scripts for converting
>various bibliographic file formats into BibTeX format.

>I used LaTeX and BibTeX to format my thesis.  I got a style sheet
>perfect for my university's requirements from another student there.
>Now that I'm preparing the thesis chapters for publication, all I
>have to do is find a similar style for another journal and fiddle
>with it a little bit.  This won't take me more than an hour or two.
>That, plus the 5 hours I spent tracking down the university style
>sheet from my classmate, is all the time I will ever spent formatting
>my papers this year!  The rest of my effort is devoted entirely to 
>the ideas and the prose itself.

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