Requests for molbio freeware

r.nakisa at ic.ac.uk r.nakisa at ic.ac.uk
Wed Mar 24 16:37:57 EST 1993

Dear Netters,

Okay, I'm willing to spend some time writing another molecular biology
program to run under MSDOS.  I've already written a DOTPLOT and a MSDOS
port of the GCG MAPSORT program called DIGEST.  Both are available by
anonymous FTP from the usual places.

Send your requests for new software to my email address at Imperial,

    ramin at ic.ac.uk

I will post a summary if there is a significant response.

Incidentally, I have a cunning plan:

Why don't we just sort out what molbio programs we want and write them? 
There must _surely_ be enough molecular biologists who can program to
cobble a standard package of molbio tools together. Obviously _one_
person couldn't write everything, but we could turf out bits of the
wish-list to many people.  We'd have to decide what platforms to write
for, and work out a consistent user interface which is user-friendly and
portable.  And what better place to do that than bionet.software?  I
know that there are good programmers out there - take Kay Hoffman for
example; she writes spankingly good molbio programs!
Some things are better done on beefy computers, but for the everyday
chores a microcomputer can cope quite adequately. For example,
translation of DNA and back-translation of protein, picking out the CDS
from the sequence header file...

Anyway, I can only write them one at a time but I'm happy to get the
ball rolling 8-).

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