comp. modeling questions.

E. A. Bouffier ebo at algodones.unm.edu
Wed Mar 24 01:21:41 EST 1993

 I am rather new to both biology and the bionet, so please bear with 
my occasional imprecise use of the terminology...

  I am currently taking a genetic algorithms seminar and trying to
model some of the "biological operators" a little more closely.

question 1:
  Can anyone out there explain or give me some references that deal
mathematical modeling of interference?

  My intuition is that it would behave by some power law. If so, what
are the minimum distance required before a cross-over event can occur,
and what is/are the exponents, etc. ie what`s the formula.

question 2:
  Is there any data on expected rates of mutations. What little
reference I have so far found only says that the mutation rate is
roughly 1:1,000,000 per nucleotide. That number tells me nothing of
the type of mutation that happens. What proportion of that number is
point mutation, insertion, deletion...

  Thanks in advance...
  EBo --  at times like these I feel like a CS mutant... 
          twiddling my bits ...

  PS: please email me at ebo at algodones.unm.edu -- I will try to
      compile a summery after the end of the semester... I'm crunched
      for time until then and may not be able to read or post on a
      regular basis.

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