Double Digester: revised beta release 1.1b2

larry wright wright-lawrence at cs.yale.edu
Tue Mar 23 15:59:02 EST 1993

               Double Digester Update: Version 1.1 beta 2

Updated versions of Double Digester for SunOS, HP-UX and the Macintosh
are now available.  This is a minor, maintenance release, covering
three problems:

     * SunOS 4.1.3 changed filename handling in ways that made DD's
       "Digests" menu unusable for loading data files.

     * The Macintosh version had occasional problems with one or more
       menus on the Mac menubar becoming inactive.

     * Linear map drawings, once calculated and drawn, would wrongly 
       rescale if the raw gel data was later revised.

Double Digester (DD) is an interactive, graphical computer program to
help build restriction maps from double digest data.  It attempts to  
provide full and realistic representation of experimental uncertainties 
and map ambiguities, with interactive user control over all values used 
and hypotheses to be tested.  See the README file for more details.

DD is available from ftp.cs.yale.edu (, with username 
"anonymous" and your email address as password.  To get to the DD 
directory, enter "cd /pub/double_digester".  Be sure to follow the
instructions concerning which files need to be transfered using
binary mode, and which using ascii.

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