SIGMA ftp address

Michael J. Cinkosky michael at TEMIN.LANL.GOV
Tue Mar 23 11:49:48 EST 1993

Last week we announced that SIGMA (System for Integrated Genome Map Assembly)
is available by anonymous ftp from atlas.lanl.gov.  While many people have
been successful in downloading the software and sample maps, some have
reported that they were unable to connect to our machine because the name
could not be resolved to an IP address.  I have modified the installation
instruction file (available by sending only the text "sigma-info" to
bioserve at t10.lanl.gov) to include the IP address in addition to the machine
name, but I thought there may be others who have been having this problem.

So, here is the IP address for ftp'ing SIGMA:

Sorry for any trouble this omission may have caused.

Michael Cinkosky

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