Yo; Biologists ... drawing plasmids (DOS)

Christophe Roos roos at Operoni.Helsinki.FI
Tue Mar 23 11:44:46 EST 1993

In article <9303231605.AA14920 at net.bio.net> preissj at CLVAX1.CL.MSU.EDU ("J Preiss--Seq Anal") writes:

>I recently saw this post asking what software do biologists need.  I thaught 
>it was a great question.  I, for one, have posted software requests on this
>net in hopes of someone out there noticing the market possibilities and 
>introducing the tools I need.  I thaught this question might generate more
>querries and inspiration for the computer jocks out there to help us bio
>       Instead, we have gotten a rather pathetic series of snipes and jokes
>about some silly metaphores.  I have no interest in these.
>       Can we please resume a discussion of what software is needed by 
>biologists.  I can repost my previous requests for a plasmid drawing program
>for IBM (...)

There is a molecular biologist called Teemu Teeri at the Institute of 
Biotechnology, who has developed a program call DRAWMAP that can do a lot 
for people who want to draw plasmids. For the moment it seems to me that he 
has not made up his mind to put it in the public domain, but since this 
question pops up pretty often you can send him a mail asking for the program.
His address is  Teeri at operoni.helsinki.fi . There is a good manual and
possibilities to print on several different kind of printers (matrix, 
plotters, postscript) and the program is much more mature than several other
things I have seen in the public domain (thanks to everyone putting software 
on the net). To avoid misunderstandings, you are free to refer to me ... we 
are working almost in the same lab.

Christophe Roos
University of Helsinki

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