Re. What software do biologists need?

Tue Mar 23 01:17:00 EST 1993

Hi, netters:

I am surprised that the only responses to the above question are
only teasings and jokings (perhaps I have missed the real ones).
Here I list some software features that I would like to see for
1. The ability to browse, search biological knowledge: This sounds
   like a database function with real data! Of course, the data must
   include all relevent pictures and graphs.
2. The ability to cut and paste the searched information into a document:
   This seems to be a word processing function with the power of a
   graphics program.
3. The ability to analyze sequence information in a seemingless way:
   I hope this capability is more flexible and powerful than the current
   GCG programs. The sequence analysis should accompany a real database
   with good compression algorithm that saves disk space. This database
   should be easy to update from any current journals. The outputs
   must be compatible with other presentation softwares that allow flexible
   personalized presentation.
   The ability of sequence analysis should allow the biologists to integrate
   the sequence data to compile them into a complete genome (if data are
   close to complete), and look for any potential exons, splice sites,
   introns, reading frames, promoters, enhancers, and so on. This set of
   features should be in one package, instead of asking the user to search for
   individual programs to perform small tasks.
4. There are many more features that can be incorporated into the biologists'
   softwares, such as geographic distribution of bioorganisms, genetic aspects,
   evolutionary analysis, statistical analysis, chemical modeling, enzyme kinetics,
   ... Too numerous to list here.

Let's hope that the future softwares will really suit biologists' needs. This
requires the collaboration of biologists and software programmers.

Song-Muh Jong
sjj at icbr.ifas.ufl.edu

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