what software do biologists need?

Tony Travis ajt at rri.sari.ac.uk
Mon Mar 22 07:59:05 EST 1993

Peter Rice (rice at de.embl-heidelberg) wrote:
: [...]
: > |> > We should keep in mind the old joke about bad marketing:
: > |> > to determine the demand for a new bridge, go to the river
: > |> > and count how many people swim across.  The analogy is not
: > |> > exact, but the spirit is similar.
: > |> 
: > |> But a biologist would ask: Why are they swimming across?
: > 
: > But, there is nobody at all swimming across.
: Are you trying to confuse me? You succeeded.
: You count how many people swim across. You determine that nobody does. Then
: you build a bridge???

No, Peter:  you count the number of people stood on the bank wondering
how they can get across without a bridge unless they swim (ie. you
assess the demand for a bridge not the number of people who succeed in
doing without it - they don't need a bridge anyway ...).

As the joke indicates - it is bad marketing to target the people who
don't need what you are trying to sell ;-(

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