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Thu Mar 18 08:19:07 EST 1993

>On Wed, 17 Mar 1993, Stephen Baird wrote:

>> In regards to stacker and NFS Carlos says,
>> >Fnrom: carmas at scorpio.cu (Carlos I. Armas)
>> >Message-Id: <9303161348.AA01871 at scorpio.cu>
>> >hi!
>> >Stacker can't coexist with network drivers for PC-NFS. It gives an error:
>> >"Divide overflow". As soon as you remove Stacker from the hard disk, PC-NFS
>> >can be installed and run smoothly.
>> >but you can use packet drivers and, for example, KA9Q or NCSA telnet, and
>> >you still will have access to UNIX hosts, doubled capacity on your hard disk.
>> >(but will lack Network File System NFS)
>> >regards,
>> >carlos
>> >

>>  We are using stacker2.0 with Interdrive an NFS for the pc from FTP
>> software which uses the SUN PCNFS authorization daemon on the SUN.
>> (They send the source with the package) and it works fine. No
>> problems with stacker at all. We run windows 3.1 on the pc's and
>> even put large window programs on the SUN disk drives because even with
>> stacker on our pc drives we can not fit everything.
>We use Stacker 3 on several Lantastic network servers with no problems.

ok, I apologize. Maybe I didn't say the proper words:
when I have stacker installed on a pc, and try to install PC NFS 2.0,
(I mean, the PC DOS package to access the TCP/IP networks and NFS
services installed on it )
then there is a exception at boot time (since pcnfs.sys and sockdrv.sys
must be loaded when the pc boots), the exception gives: "divide overflow"
and nothing to do from here. as long as I uninstall those drivers, no
problem. the only way we found after a lot of tests was !uninstalling
stacker! :-)
I think this must be a hardware problem with the specific brand of pc
I have on the network. 
So, there is no problem at all with the NFS service, the problem is on the pc,
with the drivers for managing the network interface card. 
as long as I know, using FTP Interdrive is ok with stacker, as well as
other softwares with NFS capabilities.
maybe someone using PC-NFS 2.0 and stacker have had the same problem?
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