MEDLINE retriver for UNIX

John Boswell, Ph.D. bosweljs at ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu
Thu Mar 18 20:14:57 EST 1993

In article <1993Mar18.223323.18143 at sifon.cc.mcgill.ca>,
andrew at hundun.cnd.mcgill.ca (Andrew Munk) wrote:
> Does anyone know where one can get a MEDLINE retrieval program running under
> UNIX? If my understanding is right a group from Baylor College of Medicine
> delivered a paper titled "VNS Retriever: Querying MEDLINE over the Internet" 
> at the Summer 1992 USENIX. This tool is designed to work much like Grateful 
> Med does. Any help on this subject would be greatly welcome.
> 						Thanks!
> Andrew Munk
> andrew at cnd.mcgill.ca

I got the info below using a gopher server:

Account needed to access MEDLINE.
The following is a list of services provided by the National Library of
   MEDLINE     Provides access to the MEDLINE Library Service.
   TSO         Provides access to the MEDLARS Library Service.
   PROFS       Provides access to E-MAIL Service.
For assistance please Call NLM Customer Service: 703-555-1212
Information about establishing an account can be obtained from the
Grateful Med BBS at 800-525-5756 or by calling the MEDLARS Management
Section at the National Library of Medicine at 800-638-8480.
E-mail help for establishing accounts and answering questions may be
available at gmhelp at gmedserv.nlm.nih.gov.

-John Boswell

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