SIGMA v1.02 available

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Thu Mar 18 12:09:02 EST 1993

michael at TEMIN.LANL.GOV (Michael J. Cinkosky) writes:

>                              -------------
>                            S   I   G   M   A 
>                          System for Integrated
>                           Genome Map Assembly
>                              -------------

>                      Version 1.02 Available by FTP
>                  SIGMA/OS -- runs with ObjectStore DBMS
>                    SIGMA/ASCII -- runs without a DBMS
>                   Sample human and yeast maps available

>For more information on SIGMA, send email containing only the text
>"sigma-info" (without the quotation marks) to bioserve at t10.lanl.gov, or
>write to sigma at t10.lanl.gov, or call Michael Cinkosky at (505)

I downloaded this package and the postscript manual ...  I am _very_
impressed.  I am just starting to use it, but I can already see that
this is a very fine piece of software which will become an essential
part of our project here ...  It is almost scary! ;-)

The yeast map are "poor" to say the least, but they are a great "look"
at what this program will be able to do.  I highly recommend for anyone
dealling with DNA from as small as CH I of yeast to as big as CH I of
humans to look at this package.  I will comment more on this later when
I become proficient with it, which should not take too long.

>This work was funded through the Los Alamos Center for Human Genome
>Studies by the Office of Health and Environmental Research of DOE.

Nice to see the human genome project helping the yeast genome project!




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