stacker /NFS

Douglas Bolt dbolt at ACCESS.DIGEX.COM
Wed Mar 17 21:55:47 EST 1993

On Wed, 17 Mar 1993, Stephen Baird wrote:

> In regards to stacker and NFS Carlos says,
> >Fnrom: carmas at scorpio.cu (Carlos I. Armas)
> >Message-Id: <9303161348.AA01871 at scorpio.cu>
> >hi!
> >Stacker can't coexist with network drivers for PC-NFS. It gives an error:
> >"Divide overflow". As soon as you remove Stacker from the hard disk, PC-NFS
> >can be installed and run smoothly.
> >but you can use packet drivers and, for example, KA9Q or NCSA telnet, and
> >you still will have access to UNIX hosts, doubled capacity on your hard disk.
> >(but will lack Network File System NFS)
> >regards,
> >carlos
> >

>  We are using stacker2.0 with Interdrive an NFS for the pc from FTP
> software which uses the SUN PCNFS authorization daemon on the SUN.
> (They send the source with the package) and it works fine. No
> problems with stacker at all. We run windows 3.1 on the pc's and
> even put large window programs on the SUN disk drives because even with
> stacker on our pc drives we can not fit everything.
We use Stacker 3 on several Lantastic network servers with no problems.

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