what software do biologists need?

Kevin S. McCurley mccurley at cs.sandia.gov
Tue Mar 16 22:32:08 EST 1993

In article <1o4nt5INNo48 at srvr1.engin.umich.edu> cash at geneva.csmil.umich.edu (Howard Cash) writes:
>I say, by all means, let's discuss our wish lists.  Some wishes may come

You said it.  There are even those of us computer scientists who read
the news group for the purpose of trying to figure out what the
concerns of biologists are.  I would encourage you to also think in
terms of imaginary teraflop computers - they're coming soon and
biologists should be ready with their wish lists.  This is not to
exclude your more mundane desires of course.

Kevin McCurley
Sandia National Laboratories

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