PedDraw 4.2 on Quadras

Bennett Dyke bdyke at DARWIN.SFBR.ORG
Wed Mar 17 14:38:58 EST 1993


Two suggestions: If you haven't already done so, try disabling the system
cache, which works with Version 4.3.  Barring this, wait (if you can) for
Version 4.4, which addresses this, and other problems with newer Macs. We
will announce and ship the upgrade in the next week or so.

By and large, the folks who write and distribute Ped/Draw don't mind a bit
of pestering, by the way.

Best wishes,


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On 17 Mar 1993, John Alsobrook wrote:

> Has anyone experienced any trouble using PedDraw 4.2 for macintosh on a Quadra
> running System 7? It seems that regardless of the settings for virtual memory,
> 32-bit addressing, monitor resolution, etc., we get a message that 'an error of
> type 3' has occurred (we are still learning to discern the meaning of these
> cryptic messages). Before I pester the folks who write & distribute PedDraw, I
> thought it would be fruitful to poll the bionetters. Any suggestions are
> appreciated. Thanks loads.
> John A.
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