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> In J. Org. Chem 54, 6047-6055  (1989), S. Wilson and W.Cui discuss two
> programs they developed which are used to predict CD (Circular Dichroism)
> behavior of molecules based on their structure, including molecules with
> conformational mobility.  The article saya theat these programs were to
> be included with a larger package of molecular modeling software called
> MODEL.  MODEL is said to be the creation of a Dr. Kosta Steliou at the 
> University of Montreal, and the two CD modules of this package are called
> CDexpert and Relate.
> 1.  Is MODEL a piece of commercially available software, and if so who
> distributes it, or is it in the public domain and if so can it be obtained
> by anonymous ftp?  Does anyone have any comments regarding this software,
> particularly these CD modules?

In 1988, after meeting Steliou, I got MODEL from Dr. Kevin E. Gilbert,
Serena software in Indiana, for $195.  At that time (before the article
cited above), there was no CD module. 

NETFIND, confirmed with FINGER, found Gilbert at
gilbert at ucs.indiana.edu

In 1988, the phone number for Serena Software was (812) 335-1302.
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