Help in selecting a workstation

Mon Mar 15 22:51:40 EST 1993

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> >>1)  Do you recommend any specific manufacturer?  Why?
> > 
> >Although they don't make their own hardware any more, I'd still recommend
> >looking at NeXT...
> Are you out of your mind?  The hardware side of the company is already gone
> and the software side is uncertain at best.  You're just asking to get
> burned if you buy in now.
First off, I'm biased. I own a NeXt, and use Macs and Suns as well.
The NeXT is the best computer of these 3, for my interests. Perhaps
some caution is advisable, but don't discount NeXT. The projected 
market for NeXTStep/Intel is 5X greater than the current installed
base. Ports may yet appear on a number of different platforms,
including Sparc. And NeXT just came off it's best quarter ever.
Keep an eye on NeXT this year for announcements, this is a great OS.

    Brian Osborne		  Plant Gene Expression Center
    bosborne at insect.berkeley.edu  Albany CA USA

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