what software do biologists need?

John Logsdon jlogsdon at bio.indiana.edu
Tue Mar 16 12:05:56 EST 1993

In article <ALS.93Mar12161025 at dunvegan.linus.mitre.org> Alice Schafer,
als at linus.mitre.org writes:
>Responses should also be sent to the above newsgroups; after all,
>someone else may already have some software that exactly or nearly
>meets your needs. Moreover, the open exchange of ideas can be fruitful.

In article <1o4nt5INNo48 at srvr1.engin.umich.edu> Howard Cash,
cash at geneva.csmil.umich.edu writes:
>Are you kidding?  Why send these general ideas to one person at one site?
>I can't think of a thread that might better fit into the topic area of
>bionet.software.  Please post replies to the net at large, at least to
>the bionet.software group.

I agree with Alice and Howard.  In fact, I wonder why Levin (and others)
continues to post these (and many other) sorts of general
information-gathering queries to various bionet newsgroups without
substantial (or any) follow-up/summary to the net.  I know that I have
emailed him information on at least two separate topics that were not
summarized for the rest of the users.  In the future, I think that I will
POST rather than email responses to his (usually quite interesting)
queries.  Mike, please don't take this as a flame, but as a reminder that
the net is for *Sharing* ideas, not simply as a personal reference

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