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IVAN at MNI.lan.mcgill.ca IVAN at MNI.lan.mcgill.ca
Tue Mar 16 03:54:27 EST 1993

> mathog at seqvax.caltech.edu (David Mathog) writes:
> >>>1)  Do you recommend any specific manufacturer?  Why?
> >>
> >>Although they don't make their own hardware any more, I'd still recommend
> >>looking at NeXT...
> >Are you out of your mind?  The hardware side of the company is already gone
> >and the software side is uncertain at best.  You're just asking to get
> >burned if you buy in now.
>  ...  and it isn't really a number cruncher.  I would hazard an
>  educated guess that the NeXT platform will survive in the business
>  world, but I don't see it in the scince labs ...

Not true.  The platform is incredibly easy to program for.
Definitely a right-brain environment.  As for it being in science
labs, maybe you'd like to check out the Lyman Duff Microbiology
Building at McGill?  They have several.

NextStep, when it's released for the 486 (and other platforms) will
likely garner a strong (though small) user base across several
platforms and in several tasks, including uses in the laboratory.

- ivan

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