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David Guttman GUTTMAN at SBBIOVM.bitnet
Mon Mar 15 14:39:25 EST 1993

Adam Trickett writes:

>Hello Netters!
>Does anyone use disk Stacking software. In theory we could double our
>meager 10,20, and 40Mb hard drives to something useful.

I've used Stacker for around 2 yrs now and have only good things to say about
it.  It is completely transparent (except for when you change your autoexec and
config files) and I find that in certain situations it actually speeds things
up.  By in large, the time limiting step is accessing data off your hard
drive.  Since data is stored in a compressed format with Stacker, "less" info
needs to be moved from the storage to memory.  Decompressing files takes place
at CPU speed which is *much* faster than hard drive access speed; therefore,
the whole process of firing up a program seems to take less time.

I've never had problems with Stacker interfering with any other drivers I have
on my machine (those include network drives, RAM drives, memory managers...).
I also use Stacker to double the size of my RAM drive -- a great trick to
boost the apparent amount of memory in your system.

As far as turning a 10-40 Mb drive into something useful, I think you might
what to rethink that.  If you want to use any decent software written for DOS
machines now you are at least going to need 120+Mb, and I think you'll find
you need more elbow room pretty soon even with that.

By the way, I have absolutely no connection to the company that makes Stacker.

Dave Guttman
Dept of Ecology and Evolution
SUNY @ Stony Brook
Stony Brook, NY 11794-5245

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