Disk Stacking programmes.

Ryan Brinkman aa809 at Freenet.carleton.ca
Mon Mar 15 17:34:00 EST 1993

In reply to your enquiry re stacker software,
I have used it on my own computer an AT with
a 40 Meg hard drive and managed to double my hard
drive capacity with Stacker 2.0.  The basic system requirements
for the program version of stacker are
- MS DOS version 5.x, 4.x, or 3.x
- hard drive with at least 1MB of unused space formatted
with 512 bytes per sector
- 512 K RAM during installation
- IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2 or compatible computer
- resident RAM 14K with EMS, 41K without
I also believe that there has been another Stacker version
since version 2.  As well the new DOS 6 to be released soon
is supposed to have built in disk compression (eg stacking)
as one of its features.
I hope this helps in your quest to extend your
hardware's technological lifespan!
Michael Pluscauskas

Ryan Brinkman, Valerie Hastings, Peter Wright, 
Mike Pluscauskas, Molecular Genetics Study
CHEO, Ottawa

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