what software do biologists need?

Reinhard Doelz doelz at comp.bioz.unibas.ch
Sat Mar 13 05:29:57 EST 1993

Again and again ?  Well, seriously speaking I think that a computational 
tool should have a human interface, i.e. a person whom I can go to and ask,
besides some end-user accessible computer interface with on-line individual
interpretation of the results gathered instantaneously with a iconized

Rubbish. The question is what biologists can afford. Certainly all and 
everything is desirable, and occasionally you can even produce it. The 
only question is how many will buy it so that the development costs can 
be covered. My suggestion above would be about 10 man-years, equivalent 
to 1 mio SFr (equipment, logistics and overhead not included, add another
million for this, and then think on rent for office space and networking). 
If I would want to sell this into a market which is already taken by well-accepted (though not always well-appreciated) products, I would need
to price it competetively for, lets say, $1000 per seat. Now as only the creation of such a package would cose approx $1,5m we have not considered 
new features and bug fixing, documentation writing, training material 
preparation... But even a one-shot experience would force me to sell 
1500 licenses almost instantaneously. 

Maybe we'd better discuss on how to extend existing facilities and products 
rather than reinventing wheels. 

My 5 Rappen on this :-) 

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