updates of COMAP and BOXSHADE(DOS)

khofmann at biomed.biolan.uni-koeln.de khofmann at biomed.biolan.uni-koeln.de
Fri Mar 12 08:15:38 EST 1993

I would like to announce an update of the PD-program COMAP for 
MSDOS computers. For those who don't know: COMAP is a program that
assists in the construction of restriction maps from experimentally
determined fragment sizes
The new Version, V1.0a has no new functionality compared to the
previously distributed version 1.0, it includes however some bug fixes,
one of them curing the annoying problem of sporadical system crashing
during automatical map optimization. The problem of restriction cuts
displayed outside the map boundaries has also been fixed.
The program is available via ftp from our site
and soon from ftp.embl-heidelberg.de
and           ftp.bchs.uh.edu
and via mailserv from netserv at embl-heidelberg.de
I would also like to announce the availability of a new enhanced version
of BOXSHADE/DOS, a program for pretty-printing multiple aligned sequence
files from different systems in different formats, including POSTSCRIPT,
HPGL, ANSI, CRT-screen, RTF and others.
The version 2.6 is to replace the previously ditributed V2.5
I regret there is no update to the VMS version yet, the actual VMS release
is still 2.4 and does not include HPGL and RTF (but ReGIS).
The program is available from the same sources as COMAP (mentioned above)

With best regards,

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