Dr. Peter T. Boag BOAGP at QUCDN.QueensU.CA
Thu Mar 11 22:49:10 EST 1993

we have had surprisingly good luck with a plain flat bed scanner (8 bit
Apple) for scanning 8x10" autorads for analysis. They come in under
control of OFOTO software, sometimes are tweaked in PHOTOSHOP, then
fragment sizes etc. done in NIH GELREADER. This works well if the
films are not too dense. If they are, it helps to replace the cover
with an inverted x-ray film lightbox or even a projector beam. But
the reflected light mode works quite well. I tried some scanning of
clinical x-rays and ultrasound films with my brother and we could
get ok results, but often grey scale retention was poor. I saw a
TV show the other night where x-rays of show dog hips were being
scanned by the AKC and communicated to a vet radiologist who read
the films on a graphics workstation. It looked like perfect
replicas on the remote screen, but I expect we are talking big bucks
for such capability.

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