Phil Bourne system at CUHHCA.HHMI.COLUMBIA.EDU
Thu Mar 11 16:14:52 EST 1993

PDBview is a rendering tool for protein structures as found in the PDB.
It uses a prototype C++ class library. Both the library and PDBtool are
still under development, but for those that have expressed interest in
a free rendering tool for UNIX boxes this is a start. PDBview is a 
component of PDBquery (also under development) for accessing a persistent 
object-oriented view of the PDB. If you have used Kinemage, PDBview will
most likely be a disappointment, but it is our intention to include 
additional features.

PDBview should run on UNIX boxes that support the standard X/Motif libraries.
Executables are available via anonymous ftp from cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu
( as pub/programs/PDBview/*
If you don't see an executable for your hardware type and have access to
a AT&T compliant C++ compiler contact system at cuhhca.hhmi.columbia.edu

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