Future of INFO-GCG (from list owner) FYI.

Rob Harper Rob.Harper at CSC.FI
Thu Mar 11 04:13:01 EST 1993

Here is a note from John Cargill the list owner of INFO-GCG
There has been some discussion on the INFO-GCG regarding
the possibility of making a a bionet newsgroup for GCG.

This cross post is just for your information and perhaps to promote
some discussion on the matter. 

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% CLIP %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Dear INFO-GCG Subscriber,

The OCI Research Computing Facility will be discontinuing our membership
in BITNET sometime in the next six month time frame.

This means it will not be possible for me to maintain the INFO-GCG list
as a LISTSERV mailing list on BITNET.

There are several options:

1) I maintain the list as a NetNews list only.

2) I operate the list as a mailing list using Major Domo software
   on our Unix systems and gateway to NetNews.

3) Someone else volunteers to continue the list as a LISTSERV list.

If you want to volunteer for (3) please contact me. If you *DON'T*
have access to NetNews please send me electronic mail mentioning
this fact. I will figure out how many people would lose contact with
the list if it moves to a NetNews only distribution.

Thanks for your help,

John Cargill                     | Bitnet:   CARGILL at UTOROCI               |
Manager of Research Computing    | Internet: CARGILL at OCICL.OCI.UTORONTO.CA |
Ontario Cancer Institute         |-----------------------------------------|
(Department of Medical Biophysics, University of Toronto)
500 Sherbourne Street, Toronto Ontario Canada, M4X 1K9
Tel. (416) 926-4546   Fax. (416) 926-6529

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