Help in selecting a workstation.

Bruce K. Kirchoff KIRCHOFF at goodall.uncg.edu
Wed Mar 10 13:51:51 EST 1993

    I have recently been appointed to a university committee to look
into the purchase of workstations for use on our campus.  We are
beginning to move from a VAX/VMS/mainframe environment to a
distributed computing environment.  I would like to tap the
expertise of my colleagues who subscribe to this newsgroup for
advise on selecting a brand of workstation.  We are only
considering machines that run some variety of UNIX.  We want to run
many different kinds of applications:  scientific graphics, word
processing, image analysis, genetic analysis (sequence analysis), SAS
and other statistical programs, among others.  Do not wory about
price.  There are price limitations, but this is something we will
take up internally.

1)  Do you recommend any specific manufacturer?  Why?

2)  Do you recommend any specific model?  Why?

3)  Is there any specific manufacturer or model that you would
    definitely not purchase?  Why?

4)  Are there any specific add-on's that you would purchase?  What
    are they and why do you think that they are important?

    Thanks for your help!------------------------------------------------------------
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