Pedigree Drawing for Windows - Found!

Ryan Brinkman aa809 at Freenet.carleton.ca
Wed Mar 10 17:52:43 EST 1993

        Thanks to everyone for your info on pedigree-drawing 
progams!  The number of responses I received indicates that 
I was not the only one interested in such a program, so I
am enclosing some information I have managed to track down 
on a new Windows-based pedigree drawing program that I thought 
people might be interested in:
This new program, currently being beta-tested, and due for 
release in about two months time is called Cyrillic for Windows.
It will be available from :
Cherwell Scientific Publishing Ltd., 
The Magdalen Centre, 
Oxford Science Park, 
Oxford, OX4 4GA, England.
TEL : +44 (0)865 784800
FAX : +44 (0)865 784801
E-mail: Adam Hodgkin at HODGKINA at VAX.OX.AC.UK.
It allows interactive drawing or input from pedigree files. It 
is especially useful for geneticists as it allows marker/disease 
data to be stored and displayed and the output is very flexible. 
There is also an output facility for MLINK and LIPED. The first 
version will not allow OLE, (although it does have a link to 
databases using DLL's) it IS planned to develop the OLE for version 
1.1 later this year, and I have been told that Microsoft Access was 
uppermost in the developers minds for this.  As may have I mentioned 
I am currently using Microsoft Access to set up a patient and sample
tracking system for the Molecular Genetics Department at the 
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada), 
so this is reaaly exciting for us.  
Incidently, if anyone else is setting up, is is thinking of setting 
up such an application with Access, I would love to hear your ideas.
I hope you find this info usefull, although I take no
responsibility for the specifications outlined above. I have
contacted the people at Cherwell and they have been kind enough
to allow me in on the beta-testing process.  I will post
further messages to this board as to my humble opinion of
this program at that time, although if the program is anything
like the press, it sounds as if this is what we have been 
waiting for.
             Ryan Brinkman
Ryan Brinkman, Valerie Hastings, Peter Wright, 
Mike Pluscauskas, Molecular Genetics Study
CHEO, Ottawa

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