What Kind of Scanner

Joseph C. Smith 315-464-4860 SMITHJC at A1.CS.HSCSYR.EDU
Wed Mar 10 16:21:00 EST 1993

    Looking for recommendations either for a scanner to scan MRI films. I 
    have non-radiologist clinician who wants to scan clinical MRI's and 
    include them in referral letters as references (not for clinical 
    evaluation.) He will be using an HP Laserjet 4 to print the documents.  
    He is using an MS-DOS platform.
    Should I be looking for a flat bed scanner with a transparency 
    attachment? A video camera and digitizer? Simply find a lightweight 
    light box and put it on top of a scanner like an HP IIc?
    I'd really appreciate hearing some specific scanner recommendations 
    and/or of anyone's experience doing this type of scanning. 
    Thanks in advance for the assistance.  
    Joe Smith
    SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse
    smithjc at vax.cs.hscsyr.edu
    smithjc at snysyrv1

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