rate of growth of the sequence databases

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In article <73E0FEC5429F007D61 at HKUMD1.HKU.HK> HRMBDKC at HKUMD1.HKU.HK writes:
>I'd like some information about the rate of growth of the sequence
>databases both in the past and projections for the future. This is
>a serious consideration when setting up one's own on -site database
>a serious consideration when subscribing to the database services
>currently available. This is also a consideration in deciding which
>type of main-frame system to go for.
>Thanks in advance for any replies.
>Kathy Cheah
One approach is to go entirely with freeware and get your databases via
FTP. Here at the Univ. of Manitoba, I have set up BIRCH (BIological
Research Computing Hierarchy) on our clustered SUN Unix system, with
no funding whatsoever. (Our university provides computing services at no
cost to the user). 

While the current implementation consists mostyl of text-output programs,
we are quickly adding on a selection of X-windows programs as well. 

Since BIRCH is a collection of programs from many sources, I have written
the BIRCH User's Guide as an overview of the sytem. This 
document is available by FTP to directory psgendb at ccu.umanitoba.ca.
Both PostScript (birch.ps.Z) or WordPerfect (birch.wp.Z) versions are

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