Andataco revisited

Chris Upton cup at bones.biochem.ualberta.ca
Wed Jun 30 19:23:57 EST 1993

   About a month ago I posted details of my difficulties with
a program called OPEN-MOLECULE from Andataco and their lack of

Well the situation has been resolved finally! It seemes that
they were having difficulties providing the support and the 
major fault was not explaining this all to me and offering 
alternatives 6 months ago!

Having got through to the "Right Person" at Andataco things moved
more quickly and I was offered a refund or a "good deal" on other
products. Being a glutton for punishment (and greedy), I took 
the hardware :-)  Once the problem was understood, they were 
very concerned that it was rectified.
I've been promised that it will be in the mail real soon!

Chris Upton
University of Alberta

PS  There were no real complaints about Andataco in the responses 
I received to my original post and since Open-Molecule is only one
of 100's of products, I guess I was unlucky!! There was also one positive

[I'm not being paid for this, justing putting the record straight]

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