Wais problem / Mac

Yvan Rahbe rahbe at jouy.inra.fr
Wed Jun 30 02:56:52 EST 1993

Hello bioworld,

I hope that this question will be of general interest to bionetters...

Using Wais on Mac, I experienced a problem to retrieve some files that were
in formats not directly supported by my Mac.
The problem:
- I was interested in files in TIFF format, and others in MIME format, and
the Mac WaisStation does not support either of these. On importing them
(double-clicking), although I've got the import progress window, there was
no prompt for saving either type of file.
(For novices like me, I don't really know what MIME stands for, but it is a
multimedia format allowing graphics, sounds etc...)

- My question is therefore threefold:
		- Is there an elegant way to overcome this and to retrieve such files
without the appropriate viewer implemented in the wais client (apparently,
this is the solution for the unix wais clients). As we have graphics
software supporting TIFF, this would help.
		- Is there a MIME viewer for MacIntosh (Public Domain would be great of
course) ?
		- Is there a mean to incorporate such viewers to WaisStation for Mac ?

Thanks for your help


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